Photographers have the gift of capturing the most amazing shots that make us wonder how they did it. Whether it’s a breathtaking scenery or a one-of-a-kind dance pose, we admire these pictures and try to take similar ones. But, even if some professionals have their perfect pieces, some beginners struggle to find ideas that can make them viral. We’re here to provide you with some cool photoshoot ideas!

It’s very important to always look for inspiration – or try to feel inspired by everything. But this doesn’t always come easy and being original is difficult these days. You think you have a unique picture, but a quick search on the internet will show you different. This is why we want to offer you some great ideas. You just have to look for the right perspective, and everything will fall in place like it was meant to be.

Each year comes with new trends that are quickly adopted by all industries. From fashion to advertising, photography, cinematography, and so on, everyone is aware of what’s happening around and tries to have their own take on it. We’ll have a look at some of the most interesting and dynamic trends that you can try this year in order to spark your photography career.


1. Why it’s important to know these things
2. How photography has changed the world
3. Indoor photoshoot ideas
4. Outdoor photoshoot ideas
5. Trends to follow
6. What’s the next step?
7. Summary
8. Final thoughts

Why it’s important to know these things

Visual arts have become a very important part of our lives. With all the rush that’s happening in the world, people rarely take the time to study what’s new in-depth. They are so used to understanding a trend by seeing it everywhere, that reading about the latest things is not as important anymore.

This is why the photography industry has flourished amazingly over the past years. It’s easier than ever to get into the industry, with plenty of courses and gear for all types of pockets available. And you can make a career out of it in a very short time. You can become a freelancer and start a photography business. Where? In your own home, because everything’s so accessible that you can even build a photography studio in your own house. The options are limitless, you just have to be motivated enough to do it.

But getting started is not enough. It’s necessary to be innovative, to try to stand out as much as possible. Being original is not in question anymore, as you can find almost anything on the internet. But having a new approach can bring you success in seconds. Of course, there’s another thing on the table as well – awareness over what’s happening firstly in the world and secondly in the photography world. To be unique requires a lot of work and research, as well as an interesting perspective and the will to overcome yourself.

How photography has changed the world

Photography advanced so much it’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without it. It provided views into the world as we have never seen it before. We started to understand more and more of what surrounds us by simply looking at a picture. Microscopic details, freezing motion, changing perspective, seeing things we never heard of before – these are all the products of the development of photography. It’s a thing that’s been around for a long time but has never been so accessible, nor to see, neither to reproduce. Now we’re living in a period where we have everything at the expense of our devices, from cameras to mobile phones, that allow us to capture every moment we experience.


All of this progress brought a lot of light into the lives of everyone. But like everything that has a huge bloom, followers arise and it becomes a regularity. And many of the new, amazing things are ‘’taken’’, so you have to be very creative to reinvent the wheel. This is why a list of cool photoshoot ideas is needed for the people who feel lost. A creativity and motivation boost is always welcome, so let’s see what are some amazing, trendy ideas you can get to work with.

Indoor photoshoot ideas

Some people feel more comfortable posing inside or they just feel like that’s the vibe they want to experiment. There are a lot of cool things that can be done in this area. And we’re not only talking about shooting portraits in your home photography studio. You should take advantage of everything you have around the house and turn it into the most amazing picture you can. Let’s see some of the most impressive ideas people came up with.


You’ve probably already seen at least one picture of someone artistically posing in a bathtub, surrounded by flowers or colored water. And if you haven’t, you’re up for quite an experience. Usually, this kind of picture is centered around purity as the main message sent. Water washes away any imperfections and the addition of flowers or any kind of plants links it to nature. Some people opt for bath bombs, which come in a lot of crazy colors and allow you to create a surreal experience for the viewer.

Bathtub photography


If you’re lucky enough to own a video projector, or you at least have someone to borrow it from, you’re on to a gold mine. You’ll just need that, a laptop and a plain wall, regardless of the color. You can choose any images or clips that you find visually appealing, project them on your wall and place your subject there. Everything will come to life and you’ll have an amazing photoshoot, as you can choose as many variations of backgrounds as you want.

Projection photography


Everyone talks about the golden hour and all the lights you need to capture the perfect shot. But there are times when you can just make use of the absence of light as well. If you have a big enough window, place your subject at the center of it, in dim lights and create the mystical look of a silhouette. It’s a very cool thing to experience, as it focuses both on the mystery of the subject and what surrounds it.

Silhouette photography


This one actually requires a lot of light and anything in the house that can project a shadow. People usually use their curtains, for several reasons. One of them is, well, the positioning – they are next to the windows, which offers a great deal of light. Another is the fact that most people have patterned curtains and so they can play with shapes. It’s a very interesting process because you might be surprised at how many great shots you can capture like this.

Shadow photography

Outdoor photoshoot ideas

Just like the people who are gifted to transform whatever is insider their house into art, there’s a category of people who can do the exact opposite – find greatness in everything that’s outdoor. How many times have you seen an amazing shot of a small bug? I, personally, have seen a great number of those. They look mesmerizing, but it is definitely something not many people can see beauty in without witnessing the final product. So let’s take a look at what you can do as an outdoor photographer.


You may say that this one is overused but admit it, you try countless times to capture a perfect shot at the end of the day. And it’s perfectly fine, because that light is indeed special. So it’s not something people should stop photographing, but rather give it that special twist. You can go anywhere – in the park, in the woods, near a lake, and try some things out. It’s about what makes your picture stand out and that should be your main focus.

Sunset photography

Colorful backgrounds

Nowadays, it’s impossible not to find a wall that’s painted in a very bright, beautiful color. A lot of them even have graffiti that is, in fact, a work of art. Nowadays, people put a lot of effort into street art, so you might be able to find something like this in your town. Go there and try things out. Depending on the coloring of the background, advise your model to dress in strong or pale colors. Integrate them in the scenery or make them stand out. It’s your choice, as long as you let your creativity roam freely.

Colorful background photography


If you have a lake close by or have the possibility to take a road trip, then you can consider this idea too. You can do amazing things by the water. It will give your pictures that special something because of the way it absorbs light. Or you can even try to capture the reflection of things in it. It’s a very versatile environment that you can take advantage of in any way possible.

Lake photography

When talking about indoor or outdoor, people usually think of two ways – landscape or portrait. These are not the only options, but if you’re interested in that, we have a complete guide on portrait vs. landscape, their benefits and drawbacks. See if this is the style that suits you best.

Trends come and go, with some of them having a huge impact in a lot of areas, including photography. The great thing about some of these trends is that they are ideas you can actually contribute to. For example, social activism is a huge trend these days – but it doesn’t have a specific place, like the ones we presented before. So this allows you to have your own, original take at it. Wherever you see a small act that impacts a community, you can easily transform it into one of your greatest pieces of work.

So let’s dig into some of the most amazing trends 2020 has brought in our lives and explore ways in which we can turn them into our own original work.

Atypical beauty

What does this even mean? Well, it can mean anything, and that’s the good part about it – you just have to keep in mind that it is about people and portraits. It’s not something that has limits or certain boundaries you should consider when it comes to creativity. There are so many photographers that took amazing shots of different women around the world, for example. And for this type of trend, you can easily find interested people, even on the streets. Asking them nicely to take part in your ‘’project’’ can take you places you haven’t even imagined.

Atypical beauty photography

Mental health awareness

This might seem tricky at first because you don’t want to mess things up and have people feeling insulted by your work. What you can do instead is capture wellbeing – places, people, activities, pets, or whatever comes to mind that makes people feel loved and inspired. Mental health is not only about people who have it harder than us. It’s about helping them find inner peace and relaxation. So try to find out what is good for people in general, ask yourself, your friends, and even strangers: What makes you feel happy? What contributes most to your wellbeing? And try to capture that, with your own perspective.

Mental health awareness photography

Diversity and inclusion

This can easily be connected to the previous one. But diversity is not only about issues that people seem to have nowadays. It is about trying to capture what makes us alike, even if we’re of different races, environments, ages, social categories. Go to protests, go to less fortunate or rich areas, and try to see similarities between the way people live. Because we’re unique, it’s true, and that’s what counts for diversity. But inclusion is about how much we try to make everyone feel comfortable in this society. So try to see this as an opportunity to explore places and people like you never did before, and see how this pays off. You’ll grow both professionally and personally and that’s a reward not many benefit from.

Diversity and inclusion photography


As you may have noticed, there’s a lot of minimalism going around nowadays. People are very interested in this style and they’re trying to integrate it into every aspect of their lives – decorating their homes, cooking, choosing clothes based on this. Even paintings and pictures are of such nature that they are simple and powerful, with an amazing message to send – you don’t need too much to awake someone’s feelings. So try this trend and see if it fits with your style – you might be surprised at how many things you can do and how successful you can become. This is definitely a cool photoshoot idea for this year.

Minimaloist photography

Environmentalism and sustainability

This is not only a trend but something many people fight for. It’s true that we’ve become very comfortable with our way of living, easy and simple, but there are things that we’re not aware of that could harm us. So trying to draw people’s attention to this subject while improving your skills is a win-win situation. And again, the best thing about these trends is the fact that they allow you to be creative and have your own angle. If you’re really good at it, you might be able to sell your photos online for a lot of money.

Environmentalism and sustainability photography

Modern senior way of living

While this might be something not many would like to explore, it’s definitely a trend that’s growing – it’s actually a super cool photoshoot idea! It became popular because it shows how people that are of an older age can live and have fun, even if they don’t fit in the patterns. It gives people the courage to be themselves even if they are grandparents – they travel, go to festivals, have tattoos, and all sorts of things. It gives the subject the appreciation they deserve and courage for those who see the pictures. If you figure that this is something you’d like to do, give it a try!

Modern senior way of living photography

These are a few of the ideas you could explore as a newcomer in this field. And hear me out, it’s not mandatory to be a beginner to use them – even the most experienced photographers need inspiration and follow the trends. So make sure you’re in line with what’s happening and try to find your niche – or niches, for that matter.

If you’re new to this, you may have heard that taking great pictures is step one. Then come all the other things. One of them is the editing part – it might be difficult at first if you’re not familiar with an editing tool. There are a lot of options when it comes to editing software, and here is a list of 10 best tools to try as a beginner.

What’s the next step?

Well, the fun part is not everything. And we don’t mean that the rest of the process is not fun, but it can be a bit of a burden for some. Because the most difficult part is finding clients that can bring you money. Of course you can work for a studio or an agency and that means that you have a stable job. But some people don’t want to follow a set of rules when it comes to their creativity – what, how, and when to photograph something or someone.

So they go and become freelancers, but that means a bit more work on their side to get the money coming. It’s not necessarily hard, but you just have to be creative enough to plan all the steps in order to achieve what you want. And the first step would be to make yourself a great portfolio, to show off your best pieces of work. We recommend giving Modula a look, in order to find out if it’s the plugin that could help you with that.



Now that we shared a few ideas and solutions with you, it’s your turn to make the move. Here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind:

  1. Explore different cool photoshoot ideas until you find your niche. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, so take your time to find what you like most.
  2. Trends come and go, so make sure you stay informed at all times with the continuous changes – you can keep an eye on our blog, as we try to be up to date with everything.
  3. Make sure you show off your best pieces of work on your blog. It’s an easy and safe way to success.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned before, it’s nice to try things out until you find what you like most. Or just get yourself involved in things that make you grow both personally and professionally. It might be a bit difficult to start, but things will flow once you get a hang of everything. Remember it’s important to work your way to the top while you’re having fun exploring. Business is as important as perfecting yourself – Modula is here to help you achieve great things. Now get out there and make the most of it!