How To Use Filters in Modula

Depending on the number of images in your photo galleries, it might make sense to allow your website visitors to easily sort through them. When using Modula, this can easily be done using the built-in filterfunctionality.

To create filters simply use the edit area above and click add new filters as required until you’ve added all of the filters that you wish to use for this gallery.

Let’s use ‘portrait’, ‘landscape’, and ‘sports’ as an example of three filters. Now, as you can see above, we’ve already created the filters, but we haven’t assigned any images to them so they’ll still appear empty at the moment.

To assign a filter to an image all you need to do is click the edit icon to the left of the image delete button and then scroll all the way down to the ‘filters’ section as shown below:

You can add as many filters or no filters to an image. If you do not add a filter to an image then it will only appear in the ‘All’ filter on your website’s front-end view of your Modula gallery.

As you can see, now when we click ‘portrait’ on the front-end of our website, Modula will only display the images that have been assigned with that filter respectively.

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