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Customize Lightbox and Links

Go to Lightbox and Links, and set to Open Images in a Lightbox (the window that opens when you click on an image and appears in its entirety). There are also two more features: add an attachment page and direct link to a picture if you want to link photos in your gallery to external URLs.

If you scroll down, you’ll find more customizations for the Lightbox (Modula PRO) – add a toolbar, navigation options, transition effects, animations, change Lightbox color, add thumbnails, and more. Depending on your preferences, you can design the Lightbox gallery as you please.

Another handy feature is the Zoom extension (Modula PRO). This extension will allow visitors to see your work in detail and admire each piece of your artwork up close in the Lightbox.

But you can do more! Go to Slideshow (Modula PRO)to easily create a presentation of your gallery and allow users to cycle through all the available images effortlessly.

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