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Inserting Videos Into Your Modula Galleries

When you head to Modula Settings > Video you will notice that there are not a lot of options to configure. That’s because we wanted to make things nice and easy for you! Here you can enable/disable the play icon which will show on the front-end to make it obvious to your website visitors that you’ve inserted a video into your gallery not just an image. The second option is the color of the play icon, which can easily be set from this settings area to whatever you want. 

To actually insert a video into your gallery, you have to click edit on one of the actual images in your gallery which you’ve uploaded as a video thumbnail. And then, as shown below, scroll all the way down and paste the link to your video which can either be a hosted on a site like YouTube/Vimeo or just be the link to the file in your WordPress media library.

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