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Modula is the modern answer to existing, classic, WordPress gallery solutions. We’ve created Modula to help photographers, business owners, hobbyists and real-estate agencies get the solution they deserve.

1,000+ 5-star reviews

Our products have been rated with 5* stars more than 1,000 times. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent customer service.

15,942,191+ downloads

With over 6M downloads (and counting), our products keep reaching more people. In turn, this helps us build even better products.

Our values


Powered by a deep need to help others and build a customer-centric culture.


We love our work & craft and allow it to define us. We take pride in the work we deliver.


Honing our craft, staying ahead of the curve, and over-delivering on all fronts.


Working together to deliver the best possible customer experience and product.


Setting a fun environment where ideas can take shape is vital to the creation process.


Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization.

Our Story

Our tale isn’t all that different in a world teeming with Premium WordPress Plugin agencies. Picture us in 2017, a scrappy, three-person squad, cradling our first premium WordPress plugin – Modula – like a newborn.

For half a decade, we’ve been in the trenches with WordPress, forging solutions that not only meet but captivate the hearts of our users.

Now, I hear you say, “What sets you apart? Everyone claims to be unique.” Well, venture into the realm of our public reviews, and you’ll see a vibrant testament to our difference – our unwavering commitment to creating solutions that do more than please; they save our users time, money, and effort.

Our most successful venture sprung from an audacious experiment, a bold step away from building custom themes for clients. It was a gamble, and it paid off.

Our path hasn’t been strewn with roses, though. We’ve had our share of products that never saw the dawn of their launch day – failures, in plain terms. We stumble, we fall, but we rise again, each day smarter, refining our processes, deliverables, and products.

Through this iterative dance, we’ve learned. We’ve distilled these nuggets of wisdom into a core suite of products, a collection we brandish proudly under the WPChill banner.

Investing in any of our products means you’re not merely buying a tool. You’re securing a partner, a steadfast ally in your journey.

Our story is still unfurling – stay with us for the chapters yet to come. And while you’re here, please take a look through our blog.

Modula is the best gallery plugin for WordPress I’ve ever used. It’s fast, easy to start, and has some killer features. It’s also super customizable. As a developer, I appreciate that for my clients. As a user, I appreciate that I don’t need to add any code.
joe casabona
Joe Casabona

WPChill Media Labs

Meet our awesome team

We’re a handful of friendly developers, marketers, and happiness engineers.


Team Members


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Raiber Cristian

CEO, Jack of all trades

Elena Bostanica

Product SEO

Beatrice Lucaci

Plugin Support

George Ciobanu

WordPress Developer

Mihaela Bordeeanu

Plugin Support

Alexandru Teodorescu

WordPress Developer

Razvan Aldea

Senior WordPress Developer

Ben Townsend

Content Creator

Diana Alecu

Content Writer

Ana-Maria Raiber

Product, QOS


Outreach Manager


WordPress Developer