Video content seems to have taken over the market. From the old-school TV commercials to today’s Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, and so on, sharing clips has become a very popular way of displaying your intentions. This is why, if you have a website, it’s time to upgrade it with one of the WordPress video gallery plugins available out there.

Why videos?

There are various reasons why this is such a powerful tool. For website owners, embedded videos can increase traffic by up to 55% and landing page conversions by up to 80%. Leaving numbers aside and looking at the reasons people prefer videos, you have plenty of them. Besides the fact that they give us a sense of real-life actions and it’s very easy to share them across many platforms, they are very engaging as well.

Easy to digest and entertaining, comprising a lot of information in an interactive way of display, it can be your go-to option for improving your website. If you’re interested in the importance of video usage and its benefits, here is an article that can help you.

Video gallery plugin

Pros and cons

Of course, as for any feature available, there are pros and cons of using video content on your website. Here are a few of them:

Video content has strong engagementVideo can have high production overheads
This content improves conversion ratesNot all audiences enjoy video content
Video content is easily repurposedHardware limitations can narrow reach

The pros speak for themselves, but even if there are negative aspects to it, you don’t have to worry. Yes, it’s true that high-quality videos, both in content and appearance, are the ones that make it straight to people’s hearts. But the secret is, you don’t have to make and share daily videos. Focus on their quality and you’ll become memorable, with people waiting for your next one.

When it comes to enjoying the content, it’s true that not everyone is into this type of content. There is, however, a solution: you don’t have to make everything video. You can still share pictures and written pieces, which will attract all kinds of audiences. The hardware limitations part is something that we, as business owners, cannot control. As sad as it is, not everyone has access or interest in online things. This is a downside of anyone who promotes themselves this way, but the good news is that there is still a huge deal of people you can reach. So don’t worry and try everything out. You’ll see for yourself how it pays off.

Now that we understood the importance of videos as a tool, let’s move on to the next step: how to start using it on your website. If you’re using WordPress, you’re probably familiar with the fact that there are a lot of available plugins for basically anything. But because we’re focusing on how to integrate videos for your business to become more attractive, let’s have a look at the best WordPress video gallery plugins.

PluginStarting priceFunctionalities
1. Modula39$video/photo
2. Embed plus for Youtube25$video only
3. Video gallery by YotuWP21$video only
4. Envira29$video/photo
5. Video gallery by Total Soft15$video only
6. FooGallery59$video/photo
7. All-in-One Video gallery48$video only
8. Photo gallery by 10Web30$video/photo


Modula Image Gallery – Modul WordPress | În Română

Originally an image gallery plugin, Modula comes with multiple functionalities. Among them, you can find the video gallery option, which is customizable according to your preferences. It has never been easier to make your website look professional.

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or just beginning. We understand that it can be pretty intimidating to start working with a tool that you’re not familiar with. But you don’t have to worry about the ease of use of this particular plugin. It is built so that you can learn while experimenting and it provides you with the opportunity to either choose from a wide range of pre-made templates, adjust them, or even create your own. You can see the step by step process here.

It has a free, as well as a premium version. You can benefit from the video extension once you go for the premium version, but it is worth it. You will not only have the possibility to share video content, but you’ll be able to step up your game on all matters related to the visual part.

Here are some of the key functionalities that will help you create the most amazing-looking video gallery:

  • premium Modula video extension;
  • password protection for your galleries;
  • advanced shortcode extension to link specific galleries;
  • filterable galleries;

Things to consider before deciding

You can count on this plugin to do the job professionally, but you have to keep in mind the fact that its main purpose is to be an image gallery. As a result, the majority of the features included are directed to building beautiful photo arrangements. You don’t have to worry, because the video extension includes a lot of things that can make your website sparkle. Another thing that we mentioned before as well is that in order to use the video extension, you have to upgrade to premium. The good news is that the subscription is very affordable, so investing in it is, after all, a good decision.

Check them out and see for yourself why this plugin is one of the best out there!

Embed plus for Youtube

Embed plus for Youtube

A plugin specially designed for your Youtube gallery (channel and playlist) – Embed Plus. It has a wide variety of features that will help you showcase different types of videos. You can customize your videos to have your desired width, height, and features like autoplay or loop.

This is another WordPress video gallery plugin that is user friendly. It can take you a little bit of time to explore it, but for those who already have a clear direction in their head, they offer a comprehensive section of tips and documentation. Other than that, they have a dedicated Youtube channel with tutorials to make your life much simpler.

It has a free version that covers a lot of basic options, as well as a premium version that offers very cool upgrades. If you’re not fully decided, give it a try or check out their website for more details.

Here are some of the cool features you’ll get if you choose this plugin:

  • Youtube Livestream and premieres
  • Youtube LiveChat
  • list and slider layouts
  • simultaneous playback control

Things to consider before deciding

This is a plugin that offers features for video only, which means that you can’t mulipurpose it. If you’re not entirely sure how much you want to invest in videos for your website, make sure you give it some serious thought before diving into it.

Video gallery by YotuWP

Video gallery by YotuWP

Next on our list is Video Gallery by YotuWP. It is a player responsive plugin, that allows you to choose from a variety of styling settings, such as buttons color and style. You can also customize the layouts for the display videos and create playlists. Here you can find a complete list of their features.

Like any other plugin, they offer free and premium versions. If you’re not committed enough to what we presented so far, their demo version is available if you’re interested in trying it out.

Below are listed some of the features you’ll get with this plugin:

  • carousel layout
  • multiple video thumbnails styling
  • 12+ hover icons
  • flip layout with 40+ effects

Things to consider before deciding

As we said before, investing in a dedicated video plugin limits your options a bit. It has a very attractive price, but before making a decision, be sure to check all the features it offers. Even if the majority of the video plugins offer the same basic options, some have a few perks that make them more interesting.



Just like Modula, Envira is an image gallery plugin that has video features integrated. With a drag and drop gallery builder, it is extremely simple to use. You will not have to worry about details like mobile responsiveness because things like this one are built-in.

You will see that the free version is pretty extensive and their premium offer even better. Their demo offers an overview of most of their features and their blog has some great tutorials that can help you build the perfect video gallery for your website.

Some of their key features:

  • deep-linking
  • support for personal YouTube playlists from your account
  • fullscreen display
  • the ability to start a video at a particular min/sec clip from any YouTube video

Things to consider before deciding

This is another plugin that allows you to use it in different ways. Some people strongly recommend it, some don’t, but you can see for yourself by trying the free version. However, even if the basic package starts at 29$, to use the full-featured pro version you have to purchase the 69$ one, which can be a drawback if you’re on a budget.

Video gallery by Total Soft

Video gallery by Total Soft

Another video dedicated plugin that will help you easily make your website look professional is Video Gallery by Total Soft. It is designed to be automatically adjusted to the screen size you’re using, no matter if you’re editing or just scrolling through.

With the free version come 6 versions of video galleries, hover effects, and gallery animation. You can also check the premium option with its included features, for those who want to walk the extra mile.

Here are some of the features you’ll enjoy with this plugin:

  • unlimited videos
  • effects
  • video lightbox effect
  • unlimited shortcode generator

Things to consider before deciding

Although this is the cheapest one in our list, don’t fall in the trap of affordability over features. This particular one is not very offering when it comes to the range of options you have after purchasing it. If you’re in for the basic features plus a few other things, you can consider this one.



Yet another great choice would be FooGallery because it’s actually an image gallery plugin with a video extension. These are pretty popular, as they incorporate multiple features into one tool in order to make everything less complicated. This is a great advantage over the video dedicated plugins, as you can easily give it multiple purposes.

You can opt for either the free or premium version, and they both have a lot of great features. Of course, if you choose to purchase it, you’ll get a bulk of features that are only available for premium. Be sure to check out their demos to see if this is the style you want to give to your website.

Their features include:

  • lightbox autoplay
  • infinite scroll galleries
  • meta tags/ categories filtering
  • sticky icon

Things to consider before deciding

Even though you can enjoy many kinds of features with this plugin, as for any other image gallery plugin, the video extension is not as offering as the photo one. This might not be a problem for some, but it’s worth mentioning for those interested. If you’re limited by a certain amount of money available to invest in such a plugin, its basic payment plan starts at 59$, making it the most expensive plugin on our list.

All-in-One video gallery

All-in-One video gallery

A no-coding, responsive, and lightweight WordPress video gallery plugin is how All-in-One Video Gallery is described. It offers a great range of features such as player controls, playback options, subtitles, comments, and so on.

The premium options are great, but the free one is also to consider because this is one of the plugins that provide you with a lot of options with no charge. They also have a dedicated section where they explain the functionalities of the plugin along with a tutorial on how to install it.

Here are some of the main features:

  • auto thumbnail generator
  • live streaming
  • popup gallery templated and slider

Things to consider before deciding

Although it’s a pretty comprehensive plugin, All-in-One is the most expensive dedicated video gallery plugin on our list. Be sure to check all its features are aligned with your needs before making the investment. Otherwise, you have plenty of other more affordable options to choose from or go with their free version.

Photo gallery by 10Web

Photo gallery by 10Web

Display your content in responsive lightboxes and easily share them across platforms with this tool. Photo Gallery by 10Web is a plugin that supports video galleries, as well as photo and audio tracks for your slideshows.

Check out their free and premium offers, because you might be surprised at how many things a single plugin can help you with. A cool thing is that they have a list of available plugins that you can buy in bulks to make your website more efficient and attractive.

Some of the key functionalities:

  • video extension
  • social sharing
  • fully customizable themes
  • drag&drop interface

Things to consider before deciding

Last on our list comes this one, with the mention that even if you can use it for your photo galleries as well, their premium versions offer the same features for all levels. This means that you’ll be able to use it on multiple domains, but all the pro options for video sharing are the same.

And the winner is…

Our nominated winner is Modula, because of its complex set of features and user-friendly way of operating. Because it is originally an image gallery plugin, you can multipurpose it for your benefit. As a result, along with all the options a dedicated video plugin offers, Modula adds to the table some extras, so you can fully step up your game – filters, social sharing, password protection, GIF gallery, customizable layouts, and so on. Check it out in detail and you might find yourself making a decision in no time.

Final thoughts

Now that we have everything sorted, it’s up to you to make a choice. Keep in mind that investing in something like this can help you achieve more than you can imagine right now. Because being a professional is the way to go nowadays, so keep an eye on the trends and adapt them to your style with one of these WordPress video gallery plugins.