How to protect media files on WordPress

By default, WordPress doesn’t offer a way to protect WordPress media files. But there are a lot of other solutions for file protection. Protecting files can mean a lot of things, depending on what use cases are applied and what…

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How to add gallery in Elementor using Modula

Are you a photographer, designer, or creative looking for an easy way to add a gallery in Elementor? We’re here to help. Adding image or video galleries to Elementor page builder is easier than you might think. As you already…

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How To Add A Gallery Slider In WordPress

Looking for a tool that helps you create a WordPress gallery slider for your photography website? Whether running a design or photography website to grow your business, you will need ways to make your site more engaging. Using sliders or…

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How to create a Youtube gallery in WordPress

You may be wondering, can I create a WordPress Youtube gallery without any coding skills? Of course, you can! WordPress is one of the most used website builders thanks to its content management system and a large number of plugins.…

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How to create a Vimeo gallery in WordPress

Do you want to create a WordPress Vimeo gallery and don’t know how or what tool to use? Don’t worry; we have everything you need! As you might already know, Vimeo is one of the best video hosting websites worldwide.…

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