How To Create A WordPress Image Gallery With Captions

Do you want to sell your pictures and need to add captions to your images? Stay still! We have everything you need to know about creating a WordPress image gallery with captions.

Captions are text descriptions that are usually used to provide more details about an image. The edit image feature gives you the option to add caption, title, and other metadata for each image. Read this article to find out how to create a WordPress image gallery with captions successfully.

In this article, we will share:

  • How to use a WordPress image gallery plugin with captions;
  • How to create a responsive image and video gallery with captions in WordPress;
  • More customization to style your gallery;
  • And much more.

Modula is a user-friendly and fully mobile responsive plugin with many features. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a video, or an image gallery, or even mix them. This plugin offers you the chance to style your galleries and personalize them according to your preferences so that galleries will look perfectly designed for any device.

Modula is one of the best WordPress plugins for photographers thanks to its bunch of features, such as password protection, 4 grid types, many gallery features like 42 hover effects and lightbox gallery, and so much more.

As you can see, Modula is a perfect fit for everyone. For some features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Modula PRO plan. The starting price is $39.

First of all, we need to install and activate Modula. If you have difficulties, take a look at our article on how to install and activate Modula. After you’ve installed it, we can go ahead and create a new gallery.

Let’s create a new gallery where we will add all the images. Go to Modula > Galleries > Add New.

Add new gallery
Create your gallery

After creating your new gallery, give it a name and start uploading images. You can easily add videos to your WordPress page if you want to create a multimedia gallery.

Name the gallery
Add title and images

Now, you can design your gallery as you please.

Add captions to your images

I named my gallery Nature. In order to add a caption to an image, you’ll need to click on the Pencil icon, as you can see below.

Edit caption
Edit images

It will pop up a new page where we can edit the image title, alt text, caption text, or the EXIF information. We need to look for Caption Text to add a caption for the selected image.

Edit caption
Add caption

Add more customization for an image

The free version Modula provides powerful features to help you style your galleries. Because we just added a caption text to our image, let’s move on and edit the metadata more. On this page, we can edit the image title or the alt text to improve our SEO.

Edit title and alt text
Edit title

Furthermore, we can align our image as we please, add an URL, filters or insert a video URL (if you want to embed videos to your gallery).

Edit alignment, URL and filters
Image settings

We mentioned before the EXIF section. Here you can edit the EXIF information – the metadata displayed in your lightbox.

EXIF information

All this editing applies only to a particular image. After finishing, click on Save & Close button.

Save and close
Save image settings

You’ll have to repeat this process for each image from your gallery.

Once you’ve finished editing all the images, let me show you how to style your entire gallery. First, let’s choose a gallery type. You have 4 options to choose from: creative, custom, slider, or masonry.

Edit gallery type
Gallery type

Now, I would like to add a hover effect. To do that, go to Settings > Hover effects and select one from 42 hover effects available. At the same time, you can change the hover color, cursor icon, or hover opacity. There is also the Under Image effect which displays the captions under the image.

Edit hover effects
Hover effects

To set the gallery to be responsive, go to Responsive > Custom responsiveness.

Responsive gallery
Responsive gallery

More, you can add social icons to your images and select their color.

Enable social icons
Social icons

On top of these options, we also have more settings under Captions > Caption Settings. Here you can edit the captions color, transparency, fonts, size, and many more.

Caption settings
Caption settings

There are many features you can customize your gallery with. After you finish all the editing, do not forget to click on the Save Gallery button.

Save gallery
Save Gallery

Modula will generate a shortcode to display the gallery on your website. So, copy the shortcode to share your gallery within a post or a page.


This is what my gallery looks like.

Nature gallery example
My gallery

And this is how you can add captions to your images and edit your gallery.

If you are looking to create stunning galleries for your website, Modula is a perfect fit for you. With so many different features, it covers a wide range of needs.

Make your dreams come true and showcase your work using Modula. You will not be disappointed.

Try Modula and build awesome galleries!


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