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Meet Modula 2.3.3


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You asked, we listened & we worked on improving Modula! In the past couple of weeks, our team has been working hard and we’ve managed to release 3 new extensions, add new functionalities to the core product, and squash many bugs.

Drum roll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, we present, the new Modula 2.3.3 version. 🥁

Table of contents

3 new extensions released
[Changelog] Modula Lite
[Changelog] Modula PRO
[Changelog] Modula Albums
[Changelog] Modula Speedup
[Changelog] Modula Slider
[Changelog] Modula Deeplink

Without further ado, here are the new extensions:

1. 📷 EXIF

You asked, we delivered.

A new feature we are proud of is the EXIF add-on. EXIF data or Exchange Image File Format is an option that defines specific information related to your image. This function will allow you to display certain data quickly from the image into your gallery and lightbox view. As a result, it stores relevant data such as exposure, GPS location, data, and the time when you captured the picture, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and the type of camera used.

Modula can now read, display and edit EXIF data. That’s right, you can now edit the EXIF data directly in your Modula galleries. You can choose to display the EXIF data inside the lightbox. Take a look at the screenshots below.

2. ⬇️ Download

We’ve added a new shortcode, to facilitate the generation of a download button, on your album or gallery pages. Moreover, we even gone ahead and added an integration with FancyBox, the lightbox solution used by Modula, to allow individual image downloads.

3. 🔎 Zoom

Now you can zoom in and zoom out your images when viewing them inside the lightbox. Great for people that take detail-rich photographs and want to be able to offer their users the possibility of viewing those details with a lens. Oh, and did I mention that we have multiple zoom effects? You should totally check them out.

Modula Lite 2.3.3

This release includes a bunch of bugfixes as well as quality-of-life improvements.


1. 🔧 Migration tool fixes and improvements:

  • When using the Modula Migration tool, and migrating away from Envira (which is what everyone should be doing by this point anyway 😎), we’ll now be properly importing image size, custom dimensions, and gutter. No more gutter-less galleries when migrating.
  • Extended the Modula Migration tool to add migration from FooGallery – another great gallery you can (and should) now migrate away from. Because we’re just better, in every possible way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. 🔧 Copy shortcode button going under text;

  • Our team fixed an error where the copy shortcode button went under the text. The bug has been repaired and is behaving as expected. One less button to worry about.

3. 🔧 JS error when trying to lazy load hidden items

  • Images were hiding so well that they didn’t even want to show when we tried lazy-loading them. This update brings them out from hiding.

4. 🔧 Lazy load columns.

  • We issued a fix for our columns type galleries, where images loaded through lazy load, were stacking one on top of each other. The problem has been solved by adding width and height attributes to our images. Thus, your columns are now less stack-y.


5. ✅ Autosuggest URL inside the image URL field;

Much requested, the autosuggest URL field of the image. The URL suggested will be for posts, pages or even WooCommerce products that live in your database.

Autosuggest URL

6. ✅ New sharing option: share via email;

Share via email

6. ✅ “Save gallery”/ “Update gallery” Keyboard Shortcut CTRL/CMD + S;

For those keyboard warriors out there, we’ve added an even faster way to update/save your galleries. Just hit the magic keyboard combination (hint: it’s not magic, it’s highly visible, and for reference, it’s CTRL/CMD + S) and you’re done. Easy peasy.

Save/update gallery shortcut

7. ✅ Added support for 3rd level child setting.

You know that feeling when you’ve got just too much control over how your galleries end up looking, and you’re tweaking, furiously, and you realise how your life could be SO MUCH better with indenteded settings? Yeah, we went there. Easier to understand in their given context and to explain the relationship between a “master” setting and it’s siblings.

In the screenshot below, toggling the “Share button” to OFF, will subsequently, hide all of its siblings from view. We shouldn’t be cluttering your screen with disabled options anyway, right? (and I really hope our competiton isn’t doing this either – best practices, and all).

3rd level child settings

Modula PRO 2.3.2


1. 🔧 Vertical filters for custom grid display;

  • We fixed a bug that used to occur when using vertical filters. The layout for the images you selected on the settings page will now reflect what was displayed on the front when using the custom grid type. 

2. 🔧 Custom cursor;

  • The custom cursor wasn’t working with specific hover effects, so we took care of it. Bad cursor, bad.

3. 🔧 Lightbox captions when using max images count setting;

  • We found out that the captions were not visible for the hidden images from the max images count setting. As a result, we caught the bug and killed it. With fire. 🔥 (nb: no living creature was hurt during this process)

4. 🔧 Installing extensions from the Extension tab;

  • We know that this was unpleasant for you, and we’ve fixed the automatic installer for extensions. Install ALL the extensions.👌

5. 🔧 Duplicated images in lightbox when using shuffle + max image count;

  • When using shuffle, there was a bug that duplicated your images. What did we do? We fixed it! More, we made some changes to the way we handle the max number of images shown in the lightbox. Now, all your photos will show in the lightbox.

6. 🔧Under image hover effect;

  • It wasn’t behaving as it should have. Now, you can use colors, scaling, icons, captions without any hiccup.

7. 🔧 Badge for extensions;

  • More of a cosmetic issue, but we’ve fixed it, nonetheless. Because that’s what we’re all about, adding new features and fixing bugs.

8.🔧 Hover effects hover color bug for columns in grid type.

9. 🔧Title and caption for modula link shortcode;

10. 🔧 Double fancybox enqueue when using multiple combinations of modula-link and modula-gallery shortcodes.

  • Our team fixed a bug where, if you had modula-link and modula-gallery on the same page, fancybox script enqueued twice on the page. Double-fixed!

Let’s move on to the functionalities that we’ve added.


✅ Collapsible filters, even on desktop browsers

✅ Email share inside lightbox;

Share via email in lightbox

✅ Gallery title and title type setting

  • You can now choose the HTML tag you want to use. This helps with keeping your heading tags under control. People that care about their page’s SEO should ❤️ this.

🐻 Moar bug fixes and improvements:

Modula Albums 1.0.5


  • 🔧 Album CSS – we had some misplaced CSS. We found it and put it in its place.
  • 🔧 Missing image count on hover effects. We found the missing image count and now you should see it too.
  • 🔧 Modula Albums widget when license not present/valid.


  • ✅ Keyboard Save Shortcut;
  • ✅ Share via email functionality;✅
  • ✅ Album data used for EXIF information in hook modula_album_lightbox_item.
  • 🔄 Updated social share defaults.

Modula Speedup 1.0.5

  • 🔧Fix warning: Division by 0.
  • 🔧Fix: Columns not playing along nice. Images were being displayed in a 1×2 size.

Modula Slider 1.0.4

  • 🔄 Update conditions for new Modula Add-ons.


  • 🔧 Deeplink opening wrong image.
  • 🔧 Undefined custom_Link_Name warning.
  • 🔧 Undefined index warning.

Final thoughts

As always, we’ve made a ton of improvements and bug fixes. We (really) want to become the best gallery plugin on the market (I haven’t checked this, but aren’t we already? 😎) and with every new release, we’re getting closer and closer to that goal.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. 👌

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19 responses

  1. Arpad Szucs Avatar
    Arpad Szucs

    Great job! Awesome new features and fixes. Keep them coming!

    1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
      Cristian Raiber

      @Arpad – you bet 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words!


  2. Bryan Wunsch Avatar
    Bryan Wunsch

    How do we download the new extensions?

    1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
      Cristian Raiber

      Hey Bryan,

      just login into your Modula account and locate the new downloads 🙂

      Feel free to reach out to us – hello@wp-modula.com if you can’t figure it out.


  3. Andrea Buosi Avatar
    Andrea Buosi

    Love the changelog and of course the new features. I think we did a really good investment, keep up with this development rate 😉

    1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
      Cristian Raiber

      @Andrea – thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 We’re going to be moving even faster than before with the new releases. Keep an eye out for what’s to come.

  4. John Avatar

    This is fantastic. Some much needed bug fixes (lazy loaded columns, looking at you!). Thank you for this update.

    My wish list includes:

    – Custom fields for Albums / Galleries
    – Easy, custom templating. (I show my fancybox images inside a small white frame, with the various info I need in the box [downloads, name, custom field]). I have to custom edit the modula files whenever there is a release to make it work, rather than just extend an API or click some buttons.

  5. Kenn Avatar

    You have the best photo galleries! We have a very photo-centric site and your modules have never failed to perform. Thanks!

  6. Cristian Raiber Avatar
    Cristian Raiber

    @John – I’ve reached out via email with a few questions. You seem to have some interesting ideas I could make a reality 🙂
    @Kenn – thank you SO MUCH for the kind words 🙏

  7. Andrew Mason Avatar
    Andrew Mason


    I just updated to the latest Modula version and like so many times after an update…a few of my gallery settings revert back to their defaults which is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    I don’t want to have to go through each gallery every time I perform an update to switch back to the settings I had when I created and saved the galleries!

    For example. Under the Captions tab are Hide Title and Hide Caption which I want to be turned ON so that I can HIDE the title and caption for each photo preview thumbnail.

    But now…it was turned OFF for each gallery after the update!

    Come on guys!

    I plan on creating perhaps hundreds of these galleries in the future and DO NOT want to have to go through and change the settings back for hundreds of galleries every time you update Modula!


  8. Cristian Raiber Avatar
    Cristian Raiber

    @Andrew – please check your email, we’ve already reached out!

  9. Tom Payne Avatar
    Tom Payne

    Hi – I am trying to use Modula on my personal WordPress site but it keeps telling me I need to update the database. When I do, the progress bar stays at 0% forever. Any ideas?

    “Since Modula V2.0.0 we changed how we stored data about your galleries so in order to have all the old galleries you need to run this update”

    I am running on WP 6.1.1

    1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
      Cristian Raiber

      Hi, Tom,

      You’ve already opened a support ticket with our team, so we’ll reply there.

      All the best,

  10. Yiping Zhang Avatar
    Yiping Zhang


    quick question i think it should be urgently fixed.
    In the hover effects section, one of the hover effect called “Milo”, can you make sure the title is centered in the card? It doesnt seem like is centered neither aligned exactly to right, it is not pretty.

    It would also be great, if you can establish another version of “lily” with the centered centered in the bottom of the card!

    * I have also submited a card I believe.

    1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
      Cristian Raiber

      Hey YZ,

      That’s an excellent idea. I’ve gone ahead and created two tickets for our dev team:

      1. https://github.com/WPChill/modula-lite/issues/772
      2. https://github.com/WPChill/modula-lite/issues/773

      Thanks for sending your suggestion!

      Much love,

      1. yiping zhang Avatar
        yiping zhang

        Hey Cristian,

        Thank you so much, when do you think they would be solved?
        trying to catch on the ddl for the website lol.


        1. Cristian Raiber Avatar
          Cristian Raiber

          Hey, YZ,

          We’re working on an update that will be rolled out next week. We’ll also see if we can squeeze these two issues in that update.


          1. Yiping Zhang Avatar
            Yiping Zhang

            HI Cristian,

            I think I have fixed the issue by adding custom css, thank you anyways, I have another quick question, do you know how to stop the image animation when hover on it?


          2. Cristian Raiber Avatar
            Cristian Raiber

            Hi, YZ,

            It would go faster if you could reach out to our support team, and they’ll be able to assist you. To do that, just go to our Support Page, here: https://wp-modula.com/contact-us/

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