How to add text over photos in a WordPress slider

Are you looking for a simple way to create a WordPress slider with text? Modula got you covered! You can create a WordPress slider that allows changing text color or highlight text.

Modula is a WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create stunning galleries without touching a single line of code. For developers, there is the option to add custom CSS to be able to customize your galleries even more.

In the first place, having a WordPress slider with text and images will help your visitors better understand your images. You can even create a testimonial slider or a simple content slider.

In this article, I will show you how to create professional-looking WordPress slider images with images and text layouts.

In this article, we will share:

  • What plugin should you use to create a WordPress image slider with text overlay;
  • How to create a WordPress carousel slider with text;
  • Customization to edit slider text in WordPress;
  • And much more.

Why use Modula to create an image slider with text animation?

Modula is here not only to help you create a stunning WordPress slider with text but also to help you edit it the way you like. It is a powerful plugin with many useful features. For example, it has filterable galleries, 42 images hover effects, lightbox gallery, and 4 image loading effects, password-protection, watermark, migration tool, video extension, 4 grid types: creative, customslider, and masonry, and so much more.

Furthermore, you can upgrade to Modula PRO for only $39.

To begin with, we need to install and activate Modula to be able to add text to the image slider. This process won’t take more than a few minutes.

Install and activate Modula

First, to install Modula, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

add new plugin
WordPress menu

As a result, it will pop up a new page with many free WordPress plugins displayed. To find Modula, type Modula in the search bar, and when you see it, click on Install Now button.

Modula install
Install Modula

To activate the plugin, click on Activate button. Take a look at the left WordPress menu. You can find the Modula plugin there after the installation is finished. You can install and activate any free WordPress plugin following these steps.

modula activate
Activate Modula

We need to create a new gallery and set it to be a slider. To create a new gallery, go to Galleries > Add New.

add new gallery
Add new gallery

Next, name your gallery and start to upload the images or videos. You can do that using the Upload images or Select from Library buttons.

add new title
Add a descriptive title and upload image files

This is what my gallery example looks like until now. I gave it a name and uploaded a few images.

WordPress slider with text
My gallery

Customize your WordPress slider with text

To add text to a slider, let’s set our gallery type. How can we do that? Go to Settings > General > Gallery Type > Slider. There are 4 different types to choose from: creative, custom, slider, and masonry. 

WordPress slider with text
Select slider

Now that we have our WordPress slider with text almost done let’s edit it first. Modula lets you change the image size, enable cropping, edit gutter, set the width, and enable Powered by or Thumbnail Navigator. In this section, you can find all of the above. These features apply only to the slider gallery type.

edit slider
Edit slider

There are more features – number of slides to show or to scroll, mouse dragging, dots, center mode, infinite loop, animation speed, initial slide, and, the most important for us now is slider captions. Click on it to enable captions.

WordPress slider with text
Enable captions

After enabling slider captions, go up and click on the edit icon that appears for each image on hover.

WordPress slider with text
Edit image

A new page will pop up containing all the information about the image we clicked to edit. You must write the text you want to share within your slider in the Caption text field.

WordPress slider with text
Add caption

In this window, you can edit the image title, alignment, and URL.

more editing
More image editing

We can select a filter for this image or edit the EXIF metadata.

more editing
More editing

Do not forget to click on Save & Close button to save your changes for this image and then move on to the next image and repeat the process.

save images
Save & Close

Edit caption text

To edit our caption text furthermore, let’s go to Settings > Captions and edit the title if you want your visitors to be able to see your image title. You can edit its color, title font, and font size.

edit title
Edit image title

Next, let’s edit our caption text. We can change the color, font size, font and font style, and font size on mobile devices.

edit slider
Edit caption text

More editing

Edit the lightbox and links and enable the Show image caption button so the visitors can see the caption text in the lightbox too. Choose your navigation type and edit the toolbar.

edit slider
Edit slider

When you’re done editing your WordPress slider with text and images, do not forget to click on the Save Gallery button. This way you won’t lose your work.

save your WordPress slider with text
Save gallery

After saving, Modula will generate a shortcode you can use to display your WordPress slider with text into a post or a page.


Final thoughts

And this is how you can create a beautiful WordPress slider with text using Modula. Let’s recap all steps:

  1. Install and activate Modula
  2. Create a new gallery
  3. Customize your WordPress slider and edit caption text
  4. Add the image slider to your WordPress website

Create your slider with Modula, and it won’t disappoint you!

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