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Supported file types for Modula image galleries

Currently, Modula only allows you to upload and use in image galleries only file types accepted natively by WordPress.

These native file types are:

JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg):  It’s one of the most used image file formats. JPEG files use lossy compression. This means the image quality will reduce during compression to cut the file size. JPEG files are ideal for photographs and images with various colors and gradients. Web graphics, digital photography, and other visual content all make use of JPEGs.

PNG (.png) – PNG uses lossless compression, meaning no image quality is lost during compression. PNG files support transparency for images that need a transparent background. These images can be logos, icons, and graphics with sharp edges. PNG files can be larger in size compared to JPEGs. They maintain high-quality images and are used for web design and digital graphics.

GIF (.gif) – GIF is an image file format that uses lossless compression. GIF files are used for animated images and graphics. It allows many frames to be displayed in a sequence, creating a looping animation. GIFs are limited in color depth and are best suited for simple animations, logos, and icons. They have been widely used online for creating short and entertaining animations.

ICO (.ico) – ICO is a file format used to store icons. They represent various files, programs, or functions in the Windows operating system. ICO files can contain multiple sizes and resolutions of the same icon. This allows them to be displayed correctly at different icon sizes, such as on the desktop, taskbar, or file explorer. ICO files can be used for customizing icons for applications, folders, and shortcuts on Windows-based systems.

Each image file type has its unique characteristics and use cases that make them suitable for different purposes in the digital world.

Please note that, at this time, Modula does not have built-in compatibility with the WEBP (.webp) or SVG (.svg) file formats, but support might be added in a future update.

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