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Getting Support for Modula

Getting support for Modula is a straightforward process that begins with the initiation of a support ticket. However, before you reach out for assistance, it’s beneficial to consider some useful tips outlined below.

Explore this guide to understand how you can facilitate a smoother support experience.

Best Practices Before Contacting Modula Support

Before submitting a support request ticket, perform the following checks to streamline the process:

  • Are your hosting service and WordPress installation up-to-date? Check Your Hosting Service and WordPress Updates to ensure that both are running the latest versions to prevent compatibility issues. You can check here WordPress’ Requirements.
  • Have you ensured that the Modula Grid Gallery plugin is running the latest version? Confirm that your licensed Modula plugin is activated and updated to the latest version to access its full range of features. Here is how to activate and Update Modula plugins.
  • Are there any JavaScript errors affecting your website? Make sure to check for JavaScript Errors: investigate potential JavaScript errors that may affect the performance of Modula on your website. Use browser consoles to identify and record any errors. You can follow this guide on how to use your browser to diagnose JavaScript errors.
  • Have you consulted our debugging documentation? Take a moment to review Modula’s troubleshoot and debugging guide for identifying and resolving common problems.

If your issue persists after these checks, or if you require additional assistance, it’s time to submit a support request to Modula.

Submitting a Support Ticket

How to Use Modula’s Support

Our dedicated support team is committed to resolving any issues you encounter with the Modula plugin. As our user base continues to grow, so does the number of inquiries related to the technical and operational aspects of Modula.

The primary channel for support is through our online contact form, where you can efficiently communicate your concerns by providing details such as the issue description, a link to your gallery (if applicable), evidence of the problem, and access to your WordPress site (if needed).

Additionally, you’ll find links to our documentation pages and troubleshooting guide on the documentation page. We encourage you to explore these resources before reaching out, as they may contain solutions to issues previously encountered by other users.

How Not to Use Modula’s Support

To ensure an effective support process, please refrain from the following:

  • Asking technical or troubleshooting questions on our social media pages.
  • Submitting multiple support tickets for the same issue.

Engaging in any of these actions may risk your message being overlooked or delayed, impeding our ability to assist you promptly. Follow our support guidelines to receive the quickest assistance.

Submitting a Modula Support Request Ticket

  1. Visit the Modula contact page. Access the contact page to initiate the ticket submission process.
  2. Fill out the information on the form: Provide your full name, email, select a subject that best describes your issue, share the gallery/album URL, your license key, and offer a clear description of the problem. Optionally, provide supporting evidence (screenshots/videos are really helpful).
  3. Click the Send Message button: Send your request to Modula, and our support staff will strive to respond within 24 hours on weekdays, with longer response times over the weekend & during holidays.

For free Modula plugin users please check our official WordPress Modula support forum.

Get Ahead of Your Troubleshooting

In addition to our support and debugging pages, explore our documentation center for self-help resources and the Modula demo website. Don’t forget to check our troubleshooting guide, extensive documentation, or visit our blog for additional insights regarding Modula and other interesting subjects.

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