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Modula Lite: Features and Limitations


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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Modula Lite and Modula PRO? What features are free and what not? How limited is Modula Lite? Keep still! In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Modula Lite, its features, and its limitations.

This article will show you:

  • everything you need to know about the free version of the Modula plugin;
  • the features of Modula Lite;
  • create galleries with Modula Lite;
  • and much more.

There are many different free WordPress plugins. But the question is, are they showing your work in the best possible light? I am afraid that the answer is no. And now it comes the next question: why is Modula different? That’s a question I am going to answer in this article.

Why Modula? Because it is easy to use, highly customizable, and mobile-responsive. This freemium plugin helps you style both video and photo galleries with no need for coding.

Modula Lite comes with sufficient features to help you build a catchy gallery. And you could upgrade to the premium version at any time to gain access to a lot of amazing add-ons.

Modula Lite features

Here’s a feature list of things available in the LITE version:

  • General – Edit the appearance and style of the photo gallery.
  • Lightbox & Links – Decide to open images in lightbox galleries and directly link to each image.
  • Caption – Change the font, size, and color of each image’s caption.
  • Social – Enable social sharing icons to allow visitors to share your work.
  • Loading effects – Generate effects on images that are loading.
  • Hover effects – Change cursor appearance and add effects when hovering over an image.
  • Style – Edit border and shadow settings.
  • Custom CSS – Customize the photo gallery your way using CSS.

What galleries can you create with the free version of the Modula plugin?

Let’s see what free image gallery we can create with Modula Lite.

General settings for Modula Lite

You can choose from three different gallery types: creative gallery, custom grid, and columns. The slider option is only available with Modula PRO.

gallery type
Gallery type

If we choose the creative gallery type, we can play with the gutter, width, adjust the image size in the photo gallery, height, random factor, enable shuffle images, or powered by, but we can not enable pagination because it is a premium feature.

creative gallery
Creative gallery

Custom grid

When it comes to custom grid gallery type, the features we can play with are: the gutter, image size, max images count, mobile max images count for a custom responsive grid, and powered by.

custom grid
Custom Grid

The last gallery type is columns. Here we can choose the column type and edit the settings for columns, like row height and last row alignment. Again we have the options to edit the gutter, image size, width, and so on.


Another feature Modula Lite has is a beautiful lightbox powered by FancyBox. You can create a stunning free online gallery and set the lightbox options in only a few minutes.

lightbox and links
Lightbox and links

At the same time, you can enable the toolbar like the share button or thumbnails button. With Modula, you can create a free WordPress thumbnail gallery.



When it comes to captions, we have two different captions: title caption and caption text. Within this feature, you can edit all that means caption color, font, and font size for both title caption and caption text.


Social media

Next, let’s see more about the social media feature. You can add social media icons to your gallery and let your visitors share your work.

social media
Social media

Loading effects

With Modula Lite, you can take advantage of the scale and rotate effects and enable Load in view.

loading effect
Loading effect

Hover effects

When it comes to hover effects, there are only 2 available in the free version. With the PRO version, you have more than 40 hover effects.

hover effects
Hover effects

Style settings

Next, we can style our gallery by adding a border or a shadow.


Custom CSS – Modula lite

If you are a professional and you want to style your gallery more, there is the option to add custom CSS to your gallery too.

custom css
Custom CSS

Premium features

Now that we talked about free Modula features, let me list the features available with Modula PRO, pricing starts at $39:

  • Filters – Enable/disable image filtering/sorting;
  • Hover effects – Choose from more than 40 hover & loading effects;
  • Videos – Create stunning video galleries;
  • Albums – Group your media files into albums to have an organized gallery;
  • Defaults – Import & re-use the settings from your existing galleries when creating new ones;
  • Role Management – Grant access to multiple users so they can also edit, add and delete galleries;
  • Downloads – Let your visitors download the images;
  • EXIF – Set up EXIF metadata to display alongside your images in the lightbox;
  • Zoom – Add a “zoom” option that enables visitors to zoom in/out of your images when it displays in the lightbox;
  • Password Protection – Password-protect your galleries and allow only a few people to access your files;
  • Slider – Turn your galleries into sliders and enable an option that allows your images to display as a slideshow;
  • SEO Deeplink – Create indexable URLs for each of your galleries;
  • Right-Click Protection – Prevents people from downloading your work using the right-click mouse function;
  • Advanced Shortcode – Link out to your galleries without creating unique pages for each;
  • SpeedUp – Optimizes and resizes your images automatically for the web. It saves you time and helps your images load faster.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Modula Lite offers some powerful features for creating simple but stunning galleries. If you want to create professional galleries with more effects and animations, Modula PRO comes in handy.

Start creating amazing galleries meant to delight your visitors!

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