Ever wanted to create a grid gallery without coding skills? Welcome aboard! We will walk you through all the steps of creating image galleries with grid layout.

WordPress is the most well-known hosting provider thanks to its content management systems and the significant number of plugins specially created to increase your workflow. Well, there are many image gallery plugins intended to beautify your website, but if you want a fully-customizable gallery builder that offers a grid layout, go with Modula.

In this article, we will show you:

  • how to make a grid gallery in WordPress;
  • steps to follow when making an image gallery with grid layout using Modula;
  • features that will make your gallery more visually appealing;
  • and much more.

🛠 Install and activate Modula

First of all, I will show you how to install and activate Modula. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Find the Plugins section
WordPress repository

In the upper right corner, you will see a search bar, so type Modula. Once you found it, click Install Now.

Install Modula to create a grid gallery
Install Modula

Just wait a couple of seconds until the installation process is over to activate the plugin. How can you do that? Press Activate and the Modula plugin will pop up in your WordPress menu. This process applies to each free plugin.

Activate the Modula plugin
Activate Modula

From now on, every time you want to create an image gallery using this plugin, go to the Modula icon and click on Add New.

create your first grid gallery in WordPress
Create your first gallery

To make sure you don’t forget later, add a descriptive title to your WordPress gallery. I will name mine “Art of portraits”. Then, you can start uploading your images and arrange them as you please. 

custom grid gallery in WordPress
Add title and upload image files

🔲 Add custom grid

One of the best things about Modula is that you can customize your galleries as you wish and add various gallery types: creative, custom, masonry, and slider. You can also create galleries with thumbnails or multimedia galleries, but right now, I’ll teach you how to create a grid gallery.

After you upload your images, scroll down and go to General Settings. Here you will find all the customization options provided by Modula. In the gallery type, tick custom grid.

grid gallery by Modula
Add custom grids

You can resize your pictures by changing heights, widths, and aspect ratio. Awesome!

how to create grid gallery in WordPress
Grid gallery in WordPress

➕ Add more customization options

There’s more. Everything here is customizable, and you can add a lot more options to beautify your galleries:

  • Hover effects;
  • Loading effects;
  • Social icons;
  • Lightbox slideshow;
  • Filterable galleries;
  • And much more.
Customize your grid gallery

However, if you think about upgrading to the premium version, you will benefit from more advanced features:

  • Albums creation – to organize your galleries according to your style;
  • Password-protection and the ability to add watermark to your pictures;
  • Migration tool – to move your galleries to another plugin;
  • Video extension – to include videos in your galleries or create video galleries;
  • Speed up extension – to load your images as fast as possible;
  • Zoom extension – so that your website visitors can see your masterpieces in detail;
  • EXIF extension – to display data from your image directly into your gallery and lightbox view;
  • …And give it a try to discover more!

Does your WordPress grid gallery look the way you want it to? If yes, let’s see how you can add it to your WordPress website. First, click Save Gallery, and it will automatically generate a shortcode.

save your grid gallery
Save your gallery

Next, you can copy and paste the shortcode wherever you want – into a page or post. Easy as that!

the shortcode of your grid gallery
The shortcode

grid gallery created in WordPress using Modula
WordPress grid gallery

Thanks to Modula and its whistles and bells, creating a grid gallery in WordPress is easier than you might think. And don’t forget – you can create various galleries for different purposes and enhance your website’s look.