We know that, in photography, the real struggle is to take the perfect picture. Fortunately for you, some of the brilliant minds created photo editing WordPress plugins to help you enhance your photographs the way you please.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • benefits of using photo editing plugins
  • features to look for in such a tool
  • an overview of each photo-editing plugin
  • a few other things you should consider before choosing a plugin.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Table of contents

🥁 Benefits of using photo editing WordPress plugins

You can…

  • Divide a picture into several layers and apply adjustments at different levels of that image without affecting the whole photograph.
  • Adjust metrics like exposure, white balance, and colors.
  • Apply gradient colors to your photographs and transform them into colorful masterpieces.
  • Make your images look more appealing by adding image effects and filters.
  • Take advantage of various tools that allow you to add text, shapes, crop, and resize pictures.
  • Use them as photo editing software alternatives, and increase your workflow.

🔎 Things to consider when choosing a photo editing plugin

Whether you want to edit your pictures or design logos for your WordPress website, you need a powerful photo editing tool that provides the right features. The best solution will allow you to handle a lot of functionalities similar to Adobe Photoshop, or Lightroom.

Depending on your specific requirements, here’s a list of features to look for in photo editing WordPress plugins:

  • A user-friendly interface;
  • Managing layers;
  • Adding text, shapes, borders, fonts;
  • Pre-designed templates;
  • Various filters and image effects;
  • Modifying contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, RGB;
  • Resizing, rotating, flipping pictures;
  • Zooming tool;
  • Cropping photographs;
  • Redo & Undo option;
  • Adding watermark to your pictures to prevent them from theft.

Plans at a glance

Photo editing pluginFree plan?From /yearReview
♟️WP Paint$39.99Read More
♟️Image Editor by Pixo$84.00Read More
♟️DigiWidgets$15.99Read More
♟️Thumbnail Editor$2.00Read More
♟️WP Image Zoom$78.90Read More

Our best photo editing WordPress plugins

We’ve made a selection of the best photo editing plugins that can help you in the process of displaying your work in a beautiful manner. Let’s dive right in!

♟️ WP Paint

WP Paint photo editing plugin
WP Paint

Are you tired of switching to any desktop-based photo editing software? WP Paint got you covered! It comes with an intuitive interface similar to Photoshop or other photo editors. 

WP Paint is one of the best photo editing WordPress plugins based on an HTML 5 image editor. You can adjust your pictures by going to Media Library from your WordPress dashboard and juggling all editing features.

There is an extensive array that allows you to edit your photographs, modify your images, manage layers, and offers a significant amount of photo editing features.

⭐ WP Paint features

WP Paint photo editing plugin - interface
WP Paint interface

When it comes to photo editing features, WP Paint breaks the ice. Whether you pay for the PRO version or choose the free one, you’ll benefit from all the features an image editor should provide.

Let’s see what its strengths are:

  • Add a watermark to your pictures to keep them safe from thieves;
  • Attach stickers to your images and make your photographs more appealing;
  • If you don’t like the adjustments, you can go back to your previous photo;
  • A gradient tool that will help you colorize your images;
  • You can make edits by using multiple layers;
  • Professional tools for high-quality image manipulation (retouch, restore, crop, resize, and erase);
  • A clone tool that is used to copy specific regions of pixels and add them to another image;
  • A large number of image effects and filters;
  • Correct colors by adjusting the contrast, brightness, hue, luminance, saturation, and RGB;
  • Includes drawing tools;
  • Tools panel that integrates utensils like shapes, text, blur, sharpen, and magic wand tool.

💰 Pricing

What you pay/yearSupported sites
$39.99Single site
$99.992-5 sites
$399.99Unlimited sites

Every pricing plan of WP Paint PRO comes with a 14 days money-back guarantee and one year of full support and updates. If you choose to extend your plan after one year, you will get a 20% discount.

Choosing WP Paint PRO will get you additional features. You can add stickers to your images, apply a watermark to keep them safe, restore them to their initial state, and copy certain regions of pixels.

💡Best photo editing WordPress plugin for…

WP Paint is a great photo editing choice if you need a plugin that provides a large variety of tools. It comes with a tools panel that integrates powerful instruments for editing your images.

From cropping, resizing, retouching, restoring to shapes, text, gradient, magic wand, and clone tools, you get everything you need in one plugin.

👍 Advantages

You can apply gradient colors to your images.

The clone tool will allow you to copy regions of pixels from one location to another – even it is one the same or different layers.

With this powerful plugin, you can add watermark to your pictures and keep them safe.

The magic wand tool will help you easily create custom stickers.

👎 Disadvantages

Compared to other photo editing WordPress plugins, WP Paint doesn’t include borders or frames.

It doesn’t provide flipping and zooming functionalities.

♟️ Image Editor by Pixo

Pixo Editor photo editing plugin
Pixo Editor

Are you looking for a tool that can be integrated into any web application? Here it is! Pixo is a cross-platform image editor that fully replaces WordPress’ default image editor with its functionalities.

You can start editing your pictures by clicking on Edit Image, and you will see that all Pixo’s features are integrated into your WordPress website.

This photo editing WordPress plugin allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color, blur, noise, and pixelated images. It also provides basic editing features such as adding text, stickers, shapes, applying filters, cropping, flipping, and rotating your pictures.

In addition to WP paint, Pixo provides stunning photo frames that will undoubtedly make your images more impressive.

There’s even more. Pixo offers its users an Undo option that will allow you to come back to the original picture and a Redo button. This way, it will be more straightforward to edit your images and go back whenever you feel the picture is not easy on the eye.

⭐ Pixo features

Pixo Editor photo editing plugin - interface
Pixo Editor interface

Regarding its features, Pixo smoothes the path. If you go with one of the pricing plans, which I advise you to do, you will have more control over editing tools and your pictures.

Let’s see what this photo editing plugin is capable of:

  • Photo editing API (application programming interface);
  • Advanced templates, Instagram-like filters, and more professional image filters;
  • Impressive photo frames;
  • Add text and choose from various great fonts;
  • Drawing tools;
  • Blur and shape features;
  • Stock and custom stickers;
  • Custom colors/logo;
  • Editing images by adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color.
  • Crop, rotate or flip pictures.
  • Undo/Redo option for all features.
  • Image optimization by TinyPNG;
  • More image sizes to save your pictures;
  • Supports Gutenberg Block Editor;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • Automatic updates.

💰 Pricing

PlanWhat you pay/yearNumber of saved images/mo
LargeContact themUnlimited saved images

Pixo comes with a free plan and three pricing plans that differ depending on the number of edited images you can save per month.

The free version of Pixo allows you to edit just 100 pictures. Still, if you choose a plan from the PRO version, you can modify more images, benefit from premium image editing API support, and take advantage of the full-featured image editor.

💡Best photo editing WordPress plugin for…

This photo editing WordPress plugin provides the most powerful image editing features. You can add multiple image effects and adjust contrast, saturation, hue, brightness, and RGB.

With this image editor, you will undoubtedly get the desired look of your photographs.

👍 Advantages

Pixo Editor comes with a photo editing API that supports all modern browsers.

It is available for any device – mobile, tablet, laptop, PC.

Because it is an online service, the updates and new releases will be done automatically.

Your images will be highly optimized by TinyPNG.

👎 Disadvantages

This image editor doesn’t have integrated multiple layers to make different adjustments to an image.

♟️ DigiWidgets

DigiWidgets photo editing plugin

Have you ever wished you had a photo editor in your WordPress dashboard? You’ve met your match! DigiWidgets Image Editor is another excellent photo editing WordPress plugin that makes editing easy, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

This image editor provides significant functionalities – cropping, resizing, rotating, flipping, and adding image filters. It is a good Photoshop alternative due to history-tracking, multiple-layers, google fonts, and predesigned templates.

If you are a designer or a developer, you can use the template to create WordPress websites for clients. You can even build a template for each image area on your website. 

Just as WP Paint, DigiWidgets pricing plans differ depending on the number of supported sites. The more you pay, the more you get.

The premium version of this photo editing plugin provides rectangle and circle cropping, unlimited custom templates, and more filters (including remove white, and opacity). With the premium plan, you can also view your project’s history and easily navigate to any point therein.

⭐ DigiWidgets features

Compared to other WordPress photo editing plugins, DigiWidgets has more photoshop-style features that let you have more control over your images.

Let’s see what I’m talking about:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and custom templates;
  • Multiple layers ;
  • A large variety of Google fonts;
  • History tracking – you can come back to the original image at any time;
  • Various filters – including grayscale, brightness, and contrast effects;
  • Flip images horizontally and vertically;
  • Resize and rotate images and text;
  • Rectangle and circle cropping;
  • Apply borders to images or the entire canvas.

💰 Pricing

PlanWhat you pay/yearSupported sites

DigiWidgets offers three pricing plans: Grasshopper, Sempai, and Master – each plan supports a different number of sites.

If you choose the PRO version, you can take advantage of unlimited custom templates, rectangle and circle cropping, more filters (including remove white and opacity), and you can view all history of your project. Also, you will get one year of support and updates.

💡Best photo editing WordPress plugin for…

DigiWidgets is one of the best photo editing WordPress plugins that provide excellent predefined templates. With the template feature, you will no longer have distorted, squashed, or wrong-sized images. 

👍 Advantages

This image editing plugin offers a large variety of Google fonts so that you can add to your pictures beautiful font styles.

The template feature is intended for designers or developers that want their clients to add or edit images on their website easily.

👎 Disadvantages

It lacks filters and image effects – the only adjustment you can make is changing grayscale, brightness, and contrast.

♟️ Thumbnail Editor

Thumbnail Editor photo editing plugin
Thumbnail Editor

Have you ever had the wrong section of the uploaded image cropped? Don’t worry anymore. With Thumbnail Editor, you can take full control over WordPress thumbnail images and get the perfect look.

After you upload the pictures to Media Library, you’ll find the Crop thumbnail button once you click on the image.

There’s more. Thumbnail Editor automatically generates different sizes of your pictures. You can easily copy the shortcode and paste it whenever you please on a page or a post. Also, you can do it manually by resizing the photograph. The image files that can be edited are JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

⭐ Thumbnail Editor features

Thumbnail Editor photo editing plugin interface
Thumbnail Editor interface

Besides the fact it provides basic features just like the other photo editing WordPress plugins showcased in this article, Thumbnail Editor is a good option for resizing thumbnails.

But let’s see the whole feature package that this image editor offers:

  • One-click thumbnail generator;
  • Multiple sizes of thumbnail;
  • Add custom text – you can even add your signature;
  • Multiple font styles;
  • Image effects (grayscale, sketch, negative) and color effects;
  • Image borders with various colors of borders;
  • Revert Back option;
  • Shortcode support;
  • Amazon S3 Bucket support.

💰 Pricing

Thumbnail Editor offers a free and a paid version. The free version comes with basic features – crop and resize.

However, if you choose to pay for the premium version for only $2.00/year, you will benefit from custom image borders, image effects (grayscale, negative, sketch, and image colors), revert option, custom text and fonts, full support, and updates for 1 year.

💡Best photo editing WordPress plugin for…

When it comes to editing thumbnail sizes, Thumbnail Editor wins the prize. It is simple, easy to use, and you can get the desired size of your thumbnails. Your pictures will appear on your website according to your scale preferences.

👍 Advantages

Thumbnail editor allows you to edit images with different formats – JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

You can use the generated shortcode to copy and paste it on any page or post.

If you want to, you can apply your signature on images.

👎 Disadvantages

This image editor doesn’t include flipping and rotating tools.

You won’t benefit from multiple layers that help you make more adjustments to one picture.

♟️ WP Image Zoom

WP Image Zoom photo editing plugin
WP Image Zoom

Are you looking for a robust, modern, and very configurable image zoom plugin? You found it! WP Image Zoom is one of the great photo editing WordPress plugins that allows you to create magnifying glass on your images.

You can start editing your pictures with WP Image Zoom from your WordPress dashboard after you have actually installed the plugin.

Zooming images will allow you to see what you can’t see in a normal-sized picture. Your visitors will be able to see the impressive details of your images.

Using WP Image Zoom will undoubtedly enhance your users’ experience and your revenue as well. If you’ve ever thought of selling photos online, this might be your sign. With the help of a zoom plugin that lets visitors a good impression by seeing images’ details, you will earn good money.

⭐ WP Image Zoom features

WP Image Zoom photo editing plugin - interface
WP Image Zoom interface

As its name, WP Image Zoom is a photo editing WordPress plugin that focuses on the zoom feature. However, it provides other image editing features that will make your pictures look more appealing.

  • 4 zooming types – inner zoom, round lens, square lens, and outer zoom;
  • Mousewheel zoom;
  • Fade effect – fade in or fade out;
  • Animation Easing Effect – the zooming lens follows the mouse cursor over the picture with a sleaking delay;
  • Integrates into pages and posts – you will find the button for applying zooming effect on any page/post;
  • Extremely configurable – control zooming lens size, border size, and its color, rounded corner, and shadow;
  • Works with WooCommerce – if you want to sell pictures online, you can easily enable the zoom on all your product’s images;
  • It supports the Gutenberg block editor and the most popular page builders: WPBakery, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi Builder.

💰 Pricing

PlanWhat you pay/yearSupported sites
Personal$78.901 site
Developer$157.9010 sites
Big Agency$325.9050 sites

WP Image Zoom provides three pricing plans – each one supports a different number of sites. If you choose to upgrade the plugin to WP Image Zoom PRO, you will get 1-year automatic updates and 5-star support. After the license expires, you can renew it with a 40% discount for the next year.

The PRO version works with WooCommerce variations, portfolio pages, Easy Digital Downloads featured images, and MarketPress (WordPress eCommerce). Also, you can choose the zoom window position (left or right), use more than one image on the same page, and get custom theme support.

💡Best photo editing WordPress plugin for…

WP Image Zoom is an excellent photo editing WordPress plugin that comes with a powerful zoom feature. It is super responsive, easy to configure, and many styling options that allow you and your visitors to see certain details.

👍 Advantages

This image editor offers a powerful zooming tool that includes four different types: inner zoom, square lens, round lens, and outer zoom.

You can control the zooming lens size, border size, color, rounded corner, and shadow.

👎 Disadvantages

WP Image Zoom lacks photo editing tools like cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, and doesn’t provide image effects for your pictures.

🏆 Best photo editing WordPress plugins: Final Verdict

Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of each photo-editing WordPress plugin featured in this article as all of them include a free version for its users.

🥇 If you need a powerful image editor that offers a large variety of photo editing tools, WP Paint is the perfect choice for you.

🥈 If you are a photographer and need more image effects and color corrections to apply to your images, go with Pixo Editor.

🥉 If you need a photo editing tool that allows you to take full control over the WordPress thumbnails, you should choose Thumbnail Editor.