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Cannot update the premium plugin or extensions

If you are not able to update the premium plugin or extension there can be multiple causes: 

  • Your license has expired.
  • You have the license active only on the staging site but not on the live one.
  • Your license is not active on the domain where you try to do the update.

When you are trying to update you are receiving this error message or one similar to this one.

1. If your license expired

If this happens you need to renew. Go to your Account > Purchase History > View Licenses > you will see next to the key icon ‘Expired‘ > Click on ‘renew now‘ to proceed to the checkout > Add your billing information > Purchase > it will renew your license key and you will be able to update the plugins.

2. If the license is active on the staging site and not on the live one

If you want to move the license from a domain to another one (mostly for users that have a Starter/single site license or users that reached their activation limit) you can do this from your account’s dashboard by going to Purchase History > View licenses > Manage sites.  You can deactivate the license here and reactivate it on another domain. 

Please keep in mind that you will also have to activate the license from your website’s dashboard. Afterwards you will be able to update the plugins.

3. If the license is not active on the domain you’re trying to update on.

In order to activate your license please follow the steps here.

If all of the above solutions do not work, there is the possibility of updating the plugins manually so you can benefit from the new bug fixes and enhancements.

You can download the latest version of the plugin from your account here: https://wp-modula.com/my-account/
Log into your account > Purchase History > View Details and Downloads > download the zip. files you need.

Then go to Plugins (WP dashboard > Plugins) and then upload the zip files (one by one) you downloaded from above > install and activate.

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