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How to share exact filter URLs

Modula Pro comes with built-in filter functionality. Depending on the number of images in your photo galleries, allowing your website visitors to sort through them quickly might make sense. Click here to see how to assign filters to images.

Once you assign filters to your images, each filter will have its URL. Using the filter’s unique URL will allow visitors to click on a link and be redirected to the gallery page, automatically displaying only images from that filter.

If you add the filter’s name in the link, it will filter the gallery directly and show images from that filter. For example, in our demo below, the filter’s name is Fruits. I’ve included for you below how to add the filter’s name to the gallery page’s URL.
You can see this on our demo here: https://demo.wp-modula.com/modula-gallery/reload-page-on-filter-click/?jtg-filter=fruits

It will link directly to the Fruits filter.

If you change the link, it will link to another filter, for example Dark:

If you have a filter that contains a space and a symbol like ‘&,’ for example, Architecture & Interiors, your link should look like this: https://demo.wp-modula.com/modula-gallery/reload-page-on-filter-click/?jtg-filter=architecture-interiors.

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