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How to Share Precise Filter URLs with Modula Pro

Modula Pro offers a convenient built-in filter functionality, which proves especially valuable when dealing with extensive photo galleries. This feature empowers you to streamline your website visitors’ experience by enabling them to swiftly sort and access specific content. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to share exact filter URLs:

  1. Assign Filters to Images: Begin by assigning filters to your images. This is a straightforward process that categorizes your photos based on various criteria. To learn how to do this, please refer to our guide here.
  2. Generate Unique Filter URLs: Once you’ve assigned filters to your images, each filter is automatically assigned a unique URL. These URLs can be shared with your audience, allowing them to access specific filtered content instantly.
  3. Directly Filter Gallery Content: By incorporating the filter’s name within the URL, you can ensure that the gallery page displays only images from that particular filter. For example, in our demonstration below, the filter’s name is “Fruits.” You can add the filter’s name to the gallery page’s URL to directly link to the Fruits filter:When your visitors click this link, they will be directed straight to the Fruits filter.
  4. Switch Between Filters: If you wish to link to a different filter, such as “Dark,” you can modify the URL accordingly:By altering the filter name in the URL, you can effortlessly navigate between various filter options.
  5. Dealing with Spaces and Symbols: In cases where a filter name contains spaces and symbols, such as “Architecture & Interiors,” ensure that the link is formatted correctly. Replace spaces with hyphens to create a valid URL, like this:This URL structure accommodates filters with special characters and spaces, allowing for precise content selection.

Now, you can efficiently share and direct your audience to the exact filtered content they desire with Modula Pro’s filter URLs.

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