Modula Speed Up extension

How do you install the Modula Speed Up extension? If you’ve activated your Modula Pro license and are on at least version 2.0.3 you can easily install the Modula Speed Up extension by heading to Modula > Extensions in your WordPress admin area.

When set to default the Modula default gallery optimization settings you have chosen under Modula > Settings will be used.

Lossless Compression. File sizes will be reduced by removing unnecessary image information (and statistical redundancies) resulting in no loss in quality.

Lossy Compression. File sizes will be reduced significantly resulting in a slight loss in image quality that is visible. Choose this option if you want your website to load as fast as possible.

Glossy Compression. Glossy is the best choice if you care about your website’s load time and believe that a slight loss in page speed is an acceptable compromise for top-notch image quality.

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