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How to Add GIFs to Your Gallery

Are you eager to showcase animated GIFs on your website using Modula? Building a captivating animated GIF gallery is a breeze with Modula’s versatile features. Follow these steps to craft an engaging animated GIF gallery that will captivate your audience.


Before you embark on creating your animated GIF gallery with Modula, ensure you have the following:

  • WordPress website.
  • Latest version of Modula Grid Gallery plugin.

Begin by either creating a new gallery or editing an existing one. If you need assistance with this, refer to our comprehensive article on how to create your first Modula gallery.

  1. To create a new gallery, head to your WP dashboard > then to Modula > and click “Add New”.
  2. This will automatically take you to the gallery edit screen so you can start working on your gallery right away

Step 2 – Upload GIFs

Upload your animated GIFs seamlessly into your Modula gallery.

  1. Once in the gallery’s editor > click the “Select From Library/Upload image files” button.
  2. Upload/Select and insert your animated GIFs.

Step 3 – Configure Your Settings

Before publishing your animated GIF gallery, ensure you’ve configured the settings correctly.

  1. Navigate to Settings > “General” tab.
  2. In the Image Size drop-down, select “Full” as the size.

This step is crucial to enable smooth animation within the gallery. Otherwise, WordPress will resize the GIFs and save them as static images instead of animated ones.

Your final step is to click “Publish” to unveil your animated GIF gallery to the world. To showcase the gallery please follow our instructions in this article: How to insert Modula Galleries into WordPress posts and pages.

You can also click here to see a demo with an animated Modula gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren’t the GIFs animated in the gallery?

A: Ensure you’ve selected the correct image size. Navigate to your gallery > edit it > Settings > General tab and verify that “Full” is chosen from the Image Size drop-down.

Q: Why aren’t my GIFs animated on my phone?

A: This may be a limitation of your device’s operating system. Keep in mind that not all mobile devices support the animation of GIFs.

Feel free to experiment and infuse life into your website with Modula’s animated GIF galleries. If you have further inquiries or seek more inspiration, explore our support resources or reach out to our dedicated support team. Happy gallery building!

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