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Understanding the Gutter Setting in Modula

Modula, a versatile WordPress gallery plugin, empowers users to create stunning image grids and galleries. One of its key features is the “gutter” setting, a parameter that influences the spacing between images within your galleries.

What is the Gutter Setting?

The gutter setting in Modula refers to the spacing between images within your galleries. This setting allows you to control the padding around each image in your grid or gallery, influencing the overall visual aesthetic of your presentation. By adjusting the gutter, you can achieve different effects, from tightly packed images for a modern, seamless look to spaced-out images for a more relaxed and organized appearance.

How Does it Work?

The gutter setting is essentially the margin or padding between individual images in your gallery. When you increase the gutter, you are adding more space around each image. Conversely, decreasing the gutter reduces the space between images, causing them to appear closer to each other.


  1. A gallery that has the “Gutter” Setting set to 0px (no space between images).
  2. A gallery that has the “Gutter” setting set to 20px.

Adjusting the Gutter Setting

Modula provides a user-friendly interface for adjusting the gutter setting. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Modula: Go to the Modula plugin settings or find the specific gallery where you want to adjust the gutter setting.
  3. Edit Gallery: Locate the gallery you want to modify and click on the “Edit” button.
  4. Gutter Setting: Look for the “Gutter” option in the gallery’s “General” settings. This is where you can adjust the gutter setting.
  5. Adjust the Value: Use the provided input field to increase or decrease the gutter value based on your preference. You can also add specific values for tablets and phones.
  6. Save Changes: After the adjustment, save the changes to apply the new gutter setting to your gallery.

Visual Impact of Gutter Setting

  • Increased Gutter:
    • Pros: Creates a more spacious and organized layout.
    • Cons: May result in larger gaps between images.
  • Decreased Gutter:
    • Pros: Offers a compact and modern appearance.
    • Cons: Images may appear closely packed.


Understanding the gutter setting in Modula allows you to fine-tune the spacing between images, providing greater control over the visual presentation of your galleries. Experiment with different gutter values to achieve the desired balance between image proximity and overall aesthetic appeal.

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