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How to Use Modula with WooCommerce

Modula and WooCommerce

Whether you want to sell products or images you can achieve this using Modula and WooCommerce together. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce WordPress plugin that you can download from here. Use WooCommerce to create products and Modula to showcase them and link to their product pages.


Before you start creating galleries, you will need to setup your shop and add your products. WooCommerce is a very well-documented plugin and you can check out their documentation on adding and managing products. Once you have your products set up you can start creating your galleries with Modula. Please see our instructions on how to add a new Modula gallery and get started.

The last step is to assign each image to their product page. First, go to your dashboard > Products > and here you will see a list of your products > hover your cursor over the one you want > and click View

Clicking ‘View’ will take you to that product’s page where you will see all its information including the add to cart button. You will need to copy the URL from the browser’s address bar, see the screenshot below.

Once you copied the product’s URL, go back to your WordPress dashboard > Modula > edit your gallery of product images > hover over the image you want to assign the product’s URL to > and you will see a small pencil icon > click it to edit that image.

After you click to edit the image > you will see the Metadata screen where you can add the product’s URL to that image > add it in the URL field. 

You can also follow these instructions on how to add links to images in your galleries.

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