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How to display different column sizes on mobile & desktop

It is possible that you want your images to be displayed on the desktop in a certain number of columns and on the mobile/tablet a different number of columns. Modula is the right plugin for you! In order to achieve this you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Set the number of columns for your dekstop

You need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Modula > Galleries > Edit your gallery > General Settings > Galllery Type: Custom Grid/Masonry (the feature to set the number of columns on mobile/tablet is only available for custom grids and columns) > set the number of columns.

2. Set the number of columns for mobile/tablet

Head over to your gallery > edit > scroll down to Responsive > turn ON the ‘Custom resposiveness’ option > set there the tablet columns and the mobile columns you want.

There you go! This is how you can have different number of columns on desktop & mobile. If you need more info about our Responsive feature please click here

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