Modula Whitelabel extension

With Modula White Label you will be able to use Modula, but brand it with your own logo, external URLs and remove all mentions that aren’t related to your brand. White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product.

Please follow the instructions here to see how to install extensions on your site. 

How to use it

You need to download and activate it > change plugin name, description and author > change your_gallery with your gallery name.
To reach the Settings for Modula White Label you need to go to browser and in the browser’s address bar add this after your domain wp-admin/options-general.php?page=whitelabel-settings.

The whole URL will be like this:

Using White Label you will be able to change the gallery’s name and gallery all items. To change these go to the Gallery tab and make the changes there. 

Gallery name – you will see in the dashboard the name enter here instead of ‘Modula’.

Gallery All Items – you will see in the dashboard that instead of ‘Galleries’ it will appear the name you set.

You can also change the Album labels including changing Albums Name and Albums All Items. 

Albums Name – will change the label from ‘Modula Albums’ to the one set up. The change does not display in the dashboard.

Albums All Items – changes the label ‘Albums’ from the dashboard to what you enter in that field.

The Defaults tab will allow users to change the labels used by the Modula Defaults extension: Default Gallery Name, Default Gallery All Items, Default Album Name, Default Albums All Items. 

Default Gallery All Items – changes the ‘Defaults’ label that is displayed in the dashboard.

Default Albums All Items – changes the ‘Album Defaults’ label that is displayed in the dashboard.

Through the ‘Misc‘ tab you can replace Modula’s logo with your own as well as links, and other texts and labels.

Brand Name – changes the ‘Modula’ label that is displayed in the dashboard.

Logo – changes the logo in the Dashboard next to the Gallery’s name. 

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