Lightbox Slideshow

With Lightbox Slideshow you can easily create a presentation of your gallery and allow users to cycle through all the available images effortlessly. Let your users sit back and enjoy the ride. Modula Slideshow applies to your lightbox – when the lightbox is opened you will be able to watch a slideshow of the images there.

After installing and enabling this addon you will have the following configuration options available.

  • Enable Slideshow: you can enable your gallery’s slideshow functionality. Inside our lightbox a play button will appear so users can click it in order to start the slideshow. Once it plays they will see a pause icon they can use to pause the slideshow. Click here to see a demo.
  • Enable Slideshow Autoplay: with this enabled the slideshow will start as soon as the lightbox is opened and can be paused by clicking the pause icon in the top right corner of the lightbox. See a demo here.
  • Pause slideshow on hover: if enabled, users who want to take a close look at one image will only need to hover over that image and the slideshow will pause. Click here to see a demo.
  • Time between slides: this controls the time an image is displayed before the slideshow moves to the next image in your gallery. In the lightbox, above the image, you will see a loading bar to let users know how much time they have left between it changes slide. Click here to see a demo – the time between slides in the demo is 3000ms (3 seconds).
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