Modula Watermark Extension

This extension will help you add watermarks to your images and prevent them from being shared without proper credit. To activate and use it please go to your dashboard > Modula > add a new gallery or edit an existing one > go to Watermark > and there you will see a bunch of options. You will need to upload your watermark image, select where the watermark will be positioned on the image as well as set the margin around it and then click Save

Please follow the instructions from our article on how to install extensions on your site.

To see a demo gallery please click here.

Modula Watermark Settings

1. Enable Watermark – Enable watermark for the images in this gallery.

2. Use custom settings – Add custom settings and don’t use default settings. To add default settings go to Modula > Settings > Watermark Settings.

The watermark settings done here will apply to all galleries where watermark is enabled.

3. Watermark image – Upload here the watermark image you want to have on images.

4. Watermark position – Choose a position for the watermark. This is the location where the watermark will be added. You can choose between: 

5. Watermark margin – Set the space between the watermark and the margins of the image, in pixels.

6. Watermark image width and watermark image height – specify the watermark image dimensions (width and height). If one of the sizes (width or height) is set to “0” or “” (left empty) and the other is different than “0” or “” the watermark image will be scaled proportionally based on it’s size. If both values are entered or they are greater than “0” the watermark image will be morphed to those specified sizes.

7. Back up images – Save original images (without watermark) in case you decide to delete the watermark from them you will be able restore the original images to your gallery/media library.

8. Watermark inserted images – Apply the watermark to existing images in the gallery. You must first upload a watermark image and then save the gallery before you can apply the watermark. Already watermarked images won’t be watermarked again. Thumbnails will be watermarked even if they were watermarked before. You need to save your gallery before applying watermark.

How to add the watermark? 

Once installed and active, you can enable it by going to your WP dashboard > Modula > Galleries > edit your gallery > scroll down to Watermark under Settings > and toggle it to ‘ON’.

After you toggled it to ‘ ON‘ you will see that there are another settings such as: use custom settings, watermark inserted images, remove watermark. You can add the watermark image you want if you enable the ‘use custom settings’ option. You need to go to Watermark Images > click on upload > select the image you want.

After you selected the image you can set the watermark position, margin width and height. We recommend a value of at least 150x150px so the watermark will be displayed properly. After you set the values click on Update gallery > Watermark inserted images > Update gallery. 

If you cannot see the watermark displayed properly please go again to your gallery > Watermark > Remove watermark > Update gallery > Watermark inserted images > Update gallery > check if it works fine.

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