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How to insert galleries in posts and pages

You should find creating your first gallery in WordPress using Modula really easy, but if you run into some issues here’s a detailed guide that takes you through the entire process of creating your first gallery:

To create a new gallery, head to Modula > Galleries > and click “Add New”. After just a few seconds, you’ll be automatically taken to the gallery edit screen so you can start working on your gallery right away.

Inserting Modula galleries into WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes

Modula currently uses shortcodes to allow you to easily insert galleries into your posts/pages regardless of the theme, custom styling and page builder that you’re using on your WordPress installation.

Once you’ve created your stunning gallery with Modula and it’s time to share it with the world, all you need to do is copy the shortcode from the edit area (shown above) and then paste it into your WordPress post or page.

Inserting Modula galleries into posts or pages in the Gutenberg Block Editor

An alternative method of inserting galleries created using Modula is with our Gutenberg block. Simply type /modula to insert the Gutenberg block and then select your gallery from the dropdown.

Or, alternatively click the Modula icon (shown below) and then also proceed to select the gallery you wish to insert using the dropdown shown above.

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