Modula Defaults Extension

This extension allows users to create multiple gallery defaults, each with its unique name and values. You can then use these defaults and pre-apply them when creating a new gallery. How awesome is that? It saves a lot of time when you need the same settings for all your galleries. 

Please follow the instructions from our article on how to install extensions on your site.

How to use it

After you install the extension you will see Gallery Defaults in your dashboard under Modula. Click there to add gallery defaults.

Choose the default settings you want and then click on Save Default. You can see all default galleries created in Modula > Gallery Defaults. You can also edit them from here, remove them, or other new ones.

To choose one of the defaults created just go to Modula > Galleries > Add new > and select the gallery default you want.

Applying a default to multiple/all galleries.

To add the default gallery you created on multiple galleries you need to go to Modula > check the galleries you want to apply the default to > go to Bulk actions > select ‘Apply default’ from the list > click on ‘Apply’ > select a default to import from the list > Import

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