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How to migrate, import, and export Modula galleries

Are you looking to migrate to Modula or move galleries to another domain and don’t know how? Please read this article and you will learn how to migrate from a different gallery plugin (Final Tiles Grid Gallery, Photoblocks, NextGen, Envira, and WordPress core galleries) to Modula and how to export and import Modula galleries from a website to another.

1.      How to export Modula galleries

If you already have Modula galleries created on a staging website and want to move them to your live website you can easily do this following the instructions below. You can see these same instructions on the tab Import/Export under Modula in your dashboard.

First go to your website’s admin dashboard > Tools (1) > Export (2) > check ‘Galleries’ (3) > then click on ‘Download Export File(4) > and it will open an .xml file containing your galleries > save it to your computer and that’s all for the export process. In the image below you will see the steps you need to follow in order.

2.      How to import Modula galleries

After you downloaded that .xml file go again to your admin dashboard > Plugins > Add new (1) > search for WordPress Importer (2)> Install (3) and activate that plugin. Below are the steps you need to follow in order.

Once that plugin is active go to Tools (2) > Import (2) > scroll down to WordPress > Run Importer (3) > Browse > select the .xml file you exported (see at the beginning of the article how to export files) > Upload file and import > select import author from the drop-down > Import Attachments > check ‘Download and import file attachments’ > and click Submit. Wait for the process to be done and there you have it – your galleries are now imported. Follow the arrows below in order.

3.      How to migrate galleries to Modula

If you are looking for an alternative gallery plugin you should definitely check out Modula. It’s easily the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin you can get your hands on. Say you’ve decided to switch to Modula, but you already have galleries created with another gallery plugin. No need to worry about that! You can now migrate galleries from NextGen, Envira, Final Tiles Grid Gallery, Photoblocks, and even WordPress core galleries to Modula.

To migrate galleries from NextGen you have to have these 3 plugins installed and active: Modula, NextGen and Migrate away from NextGEN .  If you don’t go to your admin dashboard > Plugins > and activate them.

To activate the Migrate away from NextGEN plugin you need to go to your WP dashboard > Modula > Extensions > Free > activate the plugin.

If you do, then go to Modula > Migrate > Migrate galleries > select the source from the drop-down (NextGen, for this example)  > Galleries to import > select all or only the ones you need > the click on Migrate. Wait for them to be imported. Please keep in mind that it might take a bit to import all the images depending on their size and number. Follow the arrows in their order.

After the migration is completed you will see the message: All done, good job! All galleries have been migrated.

The same process needs to be followed if you are migrating from Envira, Final Tiles Grid Gallery, Photoblocks, or WordPress’ core galleries.

That is all. We hope these instructions were helpful and made the migration to Modula easier.

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